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TaqTaq Project

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GPS Surveying and data collecting with GIS Services.

This project consists of collecting and calculating areas of each landowner inside Taq Taq field. ATLAS supported TTOPCO Company to capture data and develop a GIS database of its facilities & structures.
ATLAS helped TTOPCO to collect field data using GeoExplorer 6000 Series Handhelds GPS devices and ArcGIS for desktop software to create layers for all facilities of the field.
The project was executed into 4 phases:
Phase 1: Collection data and associated structures of all oil and gas facilities.
Phase 2: Collection of all land ownership data associated with oil and gas facilities and associated structures.
Phase 3: Mapping of landowner’s lots onto existing oil and gas infrastructure and associated structures in order to determine the percentage of private land usage for exploration activities.
Phase 4: Training for ArcGIS Desktop and Trimble GPS Devices

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