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Solar Power Services

Definition and History

We are not alone in the solar powered field but we were the first. One of the priorities of our goals serve people and environment through solar energy systems Through applications of artesian water extraction for agricultural purposes and home applications The accumulated experience of a team of engineers and technicians extends for more than twenty years this field.

Technical Info

We have bigger plans and objectives in supplying the country with electricity generation through medium and large stations Supports national electricity grid. Examples of our previous work  Solar Energy System for Toyota subul almasar  in Alrashideyah  Baghdad One of KOREK telecommunication station on banaman mountain Erbil More than fifteen schools in plains of Nineveh System of extracting water by solar energy from an artesian well with a capacity of 5 horse power in one of the orchards Alrashidyah   Baghdad We have materials in our warehouses in Baghdad and Erbil Such as batteries, Inverters and solar PV panels three types  MONO CRYSTAL  POLY CRYSTAL and  FLIXABLE PV PANELS  . All installation and connectivity extensions.

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Send us your query anytime!

Send us your query anytime!